“Call to Witness” Receives High Reviews and Rankings on Amazon

When Attorney Patrick J. Reilly consulted with author Sherry Blackman for her book Call to Witness, a true story based on one of Reilly’s cases, he didn’t expect the book to receive the high accolades it has from readers and sellers alike.

The text is currently ranked as #24 in the Best Sellers list for Disability Law and #37 for Discrimination Constitutional Law.  The book has also received an average 5 out of 5 star rating by Amazon readers.

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Call to Witness details the true story of Jane Gagliardo‘s struggle with discrimination at the hands of her employer and her triumph over one of the biggest pharmaceutical giants with the help of Attorney Reilly and his team.



Writing Call to Witness

Call to Witness, a legal term, is a story that cries out to all of us.

I say this for a couple of reasons. It cries out because in one sense it forces all of us to live through an ordeal that we only want to live out on the page, not in real life. And yet, Jane Gagliardo’s story is empowering to anyone who reads it. The reader witnesses the ways life often “disables” all of us, and the essential intentionality required for a person not to be defined by one’s past, by others, or by any diagnosis or disability.

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