The Cover’s Backstory

St. Michael and Lucifer, the name of the sculpture on the front cover, was photographed at the The Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum, a non-profit organization founded around the work of American sculptor Charles Umlauf, in Austin, Texas. The sculpture depicts Umlauf’s vision of good triumphing over evil, of justice prevailing. Umlauf purposely gave Lucifer, or Evil, a young, attractive face to show school children how appealing evil can be.

St. Michael and Lucifer by Charles Umlauf

Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum is dedicated to providing educational experiences that encourage the understanding and appreciation of sculpture. The accessible sculptures are coated in wax so that anyone with any disability might be able to “see” them with their hands, if need be.

The author would like to thank the staff of Umlauf for their willingness to have one of their sculptures featured on the cover of this book and their excitement to be recognized for their mission for all, regardless of disability, to enjoy the power of Umlauf’s work