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New Podcast, March 31st….

This week on “My Stories..Chapters and Challenges” Neurologist Dr. Barbour, whose specializes in treating patients with Multiple Sclerosis, discusses Jane’s trail that became a landmark case for Americans with Disabilities. Jane Dovidio-Gagliardo Sherry Blackman…/ep-006-dr-peter-barbour-md-neurolo… Be inspired, and moved by people overcoming challenges snd creating new chapters.

Ep 006 – Dr. Peter Barbour, MD Neurology
Dr. Barbour joins Jane on Sherry on ‘My Stories…Chapters and Challenges”. Join Dr. Barbour as he shares stories of Jane, and his thoughts on MS. He also shares of his time treating Jane, during t

Chapters and Challenges: Paula Agina

Paula Agins, joins Jane and Sherry on “My Stories…Chapters and Challenges” to share the story of her daughter Samantha Agins, who lost her life, trying to save another woman’s life. You will be touched and humbled by this moving story, and how Paula is determined to keep Samantha’s legacy alive, and share her story with others.

Here is the podcast with guest Paula Agins.